Falling Whistles.

The other day my friend showed me this video for Falling Whistles, and it really touched me. I hope to spread the awareness of the story of Congo and its struggle for peace. Please take a moment today to watch this video and go to their website. We get so caught up in our own woes and troubles that we forget to look at the big picture. I have been anxious to post this on my blog since I first saw it because I just want to share the knowledge of something I knew nothing about before watching this video. 

Falling Whistles is a small window into our world's largest war.

Over a year ago, laying in Titu Prison, 5 boy-prisoners spoke of the whistleblowers.

Abducted in Congo and too small to carry a gun, boys were given merely a whistle and sent to the front lines of battle.

The sound of their whistles calling together was meant to frighten the enemy away. Failing that, their sole duty was to receive the bullets with their bodies.

With falling whistles, their only choice was to feign death, or face it.

The world is changed by those who speak up. Whistleblowers. Rarely understood in their time, history looks back and calls them courageous.

Around the world, the sound of the whistle means stop. Pay attention. Speak up and say the same.

Make their weapon your voice and be a whistleblower for peace.

Buy a whistle here:

Join us.

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