Betty and Veronica.

I think style comes in two forms.  Your either a Betty or a Veronica.  But my absolute favorite is when you combine the two.  Good girl versus bad girl.  It could be a pretty flower sundress combined with an attitude, chain and metal jewelry, and some deconstructed boots.  Or...combining lace and leather is one of my favorite ways to do this. 
Which one are you?  A Betty or a Veronica?


Snakebites and Motorcycles.

As I mentioned before, my favorite line right now is Style Stalker.  I love the cutouts, the open backs, the   sweet textures.  Oh, and I love the bike too!

Gossip Bebe

Mondays are a terrible day, aren't they?  Because they are such a terrible day, I always treat myself to one amazing thing.  Sometimes its a shirt, sometimes its a fudge sundae... today is was raspberry hot cocoa with more marshmallows than cocoa.  It always cheers me up to give me a little boost, and I curl up to watch my Gossip Girl episode and drool over their amazing outfits.  Another great thing about today, despite its horrible Mondayness, was that the Holiday 2010 Bebe catalogue came in the mail!!!  This is what I want most out of it (I think I'm a little obsessed over black lace right now):

Bebe Lace Dip Fedora $49

Pink Sunrises and Roses.

This morning on my way to work,  I enjoyed the most beautiful pink sunrise!  I felt so lucky to be awake to enjoy it.  Such a great reminder about how every day starts new and fresh, and we can always make it whatever we want it to be.  It is a crazy thing that I have learned over the past year, the power of your thoughts.  No one can ever make you think the thoughts you do except for you- so choose to make them about something postitive.  No matter how hard it feels to let go of negative thoughts you do have the power.  It takes a while to learn how to control your thoughts, but once you do, it will change your life.  It changed mine. So, today think about all of the good things in your life, no matter how small, as long as they make you feel happy.
My best friend's wedding bouquet
(the most beautiful flower I've ever seen)
Some of my favorite blogs:
Material Girl Mag, Bardot in Blue


Sunday Night In.

Some things I am going to miss about home... baking in my own kitchen, getting catalogues in the mail, watching movies in my theatre, playing Frank Sinatra songs on my baby grand, my puppy cuddling with me, and my overly comfortable bed.
Secret recipe. 

Classic and Glamourous.

I am loving this very classic look (along with the pretty backgrounds).  How pretty is this brown on brown outfit?! I adore it.
via Elle Japan December 2010


Wipe Out.

via my favorite online store at the moment.


I never saw a word that more accurately depicted me then when I found this word today.  I always say that I don't understand why everyone doesn't spend all of their money on traveling and gallivanting around the world.  It is all that I want to do, and I have such a strong desire to just wander around and learn about other cultures, taste other foods, and enjoy the beauty in different places.  I am fascinated by all the things I haven't yet seen or understood.  There is so much lost in the culture of America... so much pressure to do things a certain way that we get lost in it, in our daily routines, and I don't want to be like everyone else.  I want to take my time when I eat, not stress out about being on time, live my life with a "no worries" attitude.  I want to see all of the oceans, ride a camel, pet a koala, eat fruit I never knew existed, and see history in architecture.  
Elle Magazine "Fantastic Voyage" video (2)

Simplicity and Soirees.

The perfect holiday apps for this holiday season.  I am definately getting these for my new iTouch!   I love making lists and checking them twice.

Packing (+To Do): $0.99
Tracking the Perfect Gift $0.99
Simple Soiree $1.99
Ooh and I have been dying to bake this plum & apple pie!!! But I couldn't figure out the conversions and I was so sad! Now, I have no excuse not to bake this.
Serving Sizer Pro $0.99


Bagels and Wine.

Could breakfast get any better?
Hmmmm.... or is this better?

I can't stop baking these! This is my third batch this week. I keep giving them away and then I want them again.  Recipe again...because you are missing out.

Marie Antoinette to Bridget Bardot.

Two of my best friends are twins.  I love them more than life, and I love how different they are.  These two pictures remind me of their two very different personalities and yet how I love them both equally!  I was digging through my closet last night and found this book that I had taken from my dad's book shelf when I was really young just because I liked the title: "Getting What You Want."  I have had it in my closet for as long as I can remember, but last night was the first time I flipped through it.  The first little paragraph I  went strait to in the middle of the book was talking about how you need to first improve yourself and then others will be drawn to you.  It was talking about how you could buy the most beautiful dress, but if you didn't feel good about your body then you wouldn't like it on.  So, the moral of the story was to workout until you felt beautiful and confident, then when you put on the beautiful dress, you will be happy and want to go have fun in it.  Therefore, when you feel confident and satisfied with who you are, others will be drawn to you and want to continue to be with you.  I am blessed to have such amazing friends.
Vogue Russian December 2010
Tush Winter Campaign 2010

Golden Turban.

I found this picture on Lookbook and I absolutely fell in love with this turban!  I was so excited because it is Black Friday, and I got it for 40% off from Babooshka Boutique.  It is my first Etsy purchase and I am sooo excited about it! Oh I love getting mail.
...love the Great Gatsby theme

Here's a vintage dress that I adore.  It's so romantic.


A Warm December.

Dress Yves Saint Laurent
Miss Me Spring 2011 Collection
Resin Bangles, Dinasaur Designs NYC

I love how Elle's December 2010 cover shoot is totally rejecting the idea of the cold.  I always wondered why people are so entranced by the idea of snow and cold weather.  Sure, there are cute coats, cozy fireplaces, and warm cocoa but there is a theme for all of those... warmth! It's because being cold hurts! Why not just go somewhere like this where you can wear  a cute sundress and get a tan while sipping your Mai Tai.   That's my kind of winter.

Plain White Tee.

I bought some lace at Joanne's (it was like $9/yard but you only need a little bit). Then I cut my plain white tee down the sides, and sewed it in.  I can never get enough of my white tee shirts, so this is a fun way to make it more interesting.  I paired it with my sparkly hot pants from F21 and my homemade chain headband.

How to be more Australian.

One of my Australian friends posted this, and I loved it.  This is the way life should be.
1.5 more months :)