Taste of Champagne & Endless Fortune.

So, I haven't found the picture of Serena's dress from last season yet, but now I fell in love with another one of her outfits.  and... Wow, I have expensive taste.  Those lucky lucky girls.

I would give anything for these two items: GORGEOUS
Stella McCartney Sequin V-Neck Sweater Tunic Dress $1,195
Lanvin Cutout Leather Pumps $1,110

Now, onto things a little more reasonable, yet still out of reach
JCrew has some cute new holiday outfits.  I especially love the "Fete Set" collection

And finally,  a look that I am going to wear next time I go out because I already own similar things. I love this look almost just as much as the others, and for a much more reasonable price- Free!
A casual button down, a sparkly mini, black tights, and black stiletto booties.

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