Imperfections and The Greek.

My favorite movie is Forgetting Sarah Marshall, and Aldous Snow [Russell Brand] was my favorite character in it.  I had no idea that the movie Get Him to the Greek was Part II of my favorite movie!  I love it almost as much as Forgetting Sarah Marshall.  There's less romance and more hilariousness.

This movie totally made my night!  Sometimes, when your having a hard day, all you need is a comedy, a piece of pizza, your girls, and some chocolate cake to cheer you up.

In order to reach this point of bliss that I am seeking to attain, I have been trying very hard to look at myself from an outside perspective and see who I really am.  It was pointed out to me today that I am very hard on myself- that I always am wishing that I was someone else.  I honestly thought that everyone felt this way, but today I learned that's not true.  So, it is my new goal to stop being jealous of other people and to be more satisfied with who I am.  This is going to take a whole new retraining of my mind, but I am excited to better myself in a positive way.  Sometimes you just need an outside perspective to see something that you can't see yourself.

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  1. Oh J,
    I love your website.
    Very classy, vogue, and fun.. just like your personality.
    Love B


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