Gossip Bebe

Mondays are a terrible day, aren't they?  Because they are such a terrible day, I always treat myself to one amazing thing.  Sometimes its a shirt, sometimes its a fudge sundae... today is was raspberry hot cocoa with more marshmallows than cocoa.  It always cheers me up to give me a little boost, and I curl up to watch my Gossip Girl episode and drool over their amazing outfits.  Another great thing about today, despite its horrible Mondayness, was that the Holiday 2010 Bebe catalogue came in the mail!!!  This is what I want most out of it (I think I'm a little obsessed over black lace right now):

Bebe Lace Dip Fedora $49

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  1. Ohhh lovely hat with the lace and very beautiful blog!


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