Cook, Eat, Pray, Love.

Last night was a baking fiasco.  Everything that could've went wrong did.  After dropping everything important and finding out that we got the wrong ingredients, all in all, everything turned out amazing.

We realized when we got home from the grocery store that we had no mozzarella, and all I had in my fridge was some cream cheese.  Honestly, this recipe should always be made with cream cheese.  It is like 10 times better than the typical Bruschetta.

Recipe from Everyday Pasta by Giada De Laurentiis
There is nothing I love more than breakfast at night.   When discussing recipes for dinner with my friends they came to find out that I have never had eggs benedict before, so it was a given what we were going to make for dinner.  I also don't eat pork, so we substituted the bacon for turkey bacon (yummm).  Some people are picky about staying with one type of food, but I loved having the Italian appetizer and the egg main course.  We were so full and we watched Eat, Pray, Love (one of my favorite movies)- a perfect ending to the evening.
We were too full to eat the popovers last night, so this morning when I got up I put some cream cheese and strawberry jam on it for the perfect light and delicious breakfast.
Did I mention how much I love popovers?
(even when I forgot like 3 ingredients- they were still delicious)

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  1. yummm! Why am I not there?! I miss you girls. Capta Delta forever and ever :)


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