Walking in Sunshine.

I have been focusing a lot on this whole indulge myself thing these past few weeks, especially with my birthday.  I ate a legit block of cheese with a huge box of Triscuits in 3 days and a half of a key lime pie in 2.  I am so busy all the time with my purposefully packed life, that I never have time to exercise.  And when I do have time,  I use it to lounge and eat and watch Hulu.  I have one fat burning yoga dvd that i have done every few nights at like 1am, but thats not working- I know what I am missing.

When I was in Rome, I used to walk miles and miles everyday without even noticing because that was the only way to get around.  I am positive that walking is the key to feeling more healthy, and I honestly miss it.  I enjoy it very much, as long as I can keep my thoughts positive.  So, this week, despite my crazy busy schedule, I will walk 30 minutes a day and think only of the things surrounding me.  No future. No past. Just Marty and Me.

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